‘As You Like It’ Poster Design

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I’ve been working with YAOW designing artwork for productions and supporting marketing. It’s such a pleasure to be a part of the team bringing opportunities for young actors. It’s a privilege to work alongside such talent and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this magical performance.


Midsummer Night’s Dream Poster Design

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My first poster design for YAOW theatre company. The (Young Actors of Windsor) YAOW is based in Windsor, Berkshire. The company was founded by the fabulously talented Pamela Gibbons in 2009 to provide theatre training and a career platform for young people. I’m delighted to be working with such an incredible group of actors.

Time Masters website

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My friend Angelise has been running her professional organising business for 8 years. She asked me to design a new logo and website which I hope will give her business a big boost. She gave me a very challenging brief which went something like: 1950’s, black shiny shoes, Downton Abbey, Mrs Pots (Part of the Solution), scrapbooks, lacey and keeping time. Check-out her new brand and website at: www.time-masters.co.uk